A pine forest, golden hour, Emma and Erin. I am in love with taking photos that, to me, express the delicate interconnections that humans have with the natural world. Bare feet, hair glowing, these girls look like forest nymphs if I ever saw any. Enjoy!


  1. Freya ... I don't know if you'll read this, so might tell you on Tumblr too, but I remember you were talking about future career paths and you weren't sure if you were good enough for photography to be viable. You are. I swear. These photos are stunning. You're amazing. Please trust in yourself, and throw yourself into this. You could do amazing things.

  2. These pictures are absolutely incredible! There's an athmosphere that's completely surreal! I love this post a lot!
    Lucie, xx


  3. This is absolutely enchanting! Amazing pictures and beautiful scenery. A completely serene and comforting atmosphere.