Two Days in Rottnest

Currently: writing to you from an apartment in Freo that I'm housesitting for two weeks. The windows and doors are open, I'm listening to my daydreams playlist, my tea just brewed and their dog won't leave me alone with her ball! 

The following photos are all from a two-day trip I took with my friends to Rottnest island in mid-december. For those of you who live in Perth, you're undoubtedly familiar with this place. I must be the only soul that lives in this city that hadn't been to the rock before this trip! We stayed on a boat, exploring the islands infinite rocky shores and hidden caves by foot. Believe me when I say photos don't do the place justice, it's sheer natural beauty and friendly local quokkas (okay confession I cried of happiness the first time one came up to me bc they're so cute) made my heart so full, not to mention I was in some really good company. 
I swear it always sounds like I'm writing a tourist brochure when I write these kinds of posts but I'm always so dumbfounded by the amazing places on earth we can discover. 
Okay enough rambling, look at these photos! 


  1. I wanna go somewhere sunny so bad! Love those pictures *o*
    Lucie, xx

  2. I'm in melbourne but I've been dreaming of Rottnest island for nearly a year!! Lovely post x