Life on Film

There's been a hell of a lot going on in my life since my last update with you all. I graduated high school, welcomed myself into adulthood and adopted a very strange, tiring and insanely fun lifestyle. Life since leavers for me has pretty much been me going out almost every night which makes this girl's lil heart ridiculously happy.
Life has been really fucking good, let me tell you. 
Here in Perth the weather has finally picked itself up too! Smells of the blooming jacarandas lining my streets are filling my head with an odd but comforting sense of nostalgia and impatience. The beach has almost become a second home to me, which I'm definitely not complaining about! I always find comfort and peace bobbing up and down in the waves, sea mist and sunshine kissing my skin. 
I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed living them. 
Love u all xx


  1. What were these taken on? They're beautiful
    I'm excited to see where you go from here