Girl in Red

Hello! I've been feeling extra creative recently, that combined with intense procrastination for my final exam (French on Tuesday!) is what really birthed this post. I've always been in love with red light, it feels warm and powerful, dangerous but alluring. These lil lights have become a permanent installation in my room I've decided, because they do make me feel a bit like a demonic enchantress. Nudity is something that empowers me, it always has. I feel in control, I feel more free. I believe that human physical form is art, something to be appreciated not condemned, I hope those of you who do not share my views will keep an open mind during this post. I've also gone to my best efforts to cover up any nip slips and whatever else :)
I really did love creating and editing this post and letting my creativity fly, let me know if your opinions and thoughts!

Translation (I hope): "I am woman""You can't control me""You don't own me""I'm not your victim"
-a four picture letter 

Life on Film

As you all can probably deduce from my inactivity here, not a lot has been a happenin' recently. Final exams are very almost over (next Tuesday!) so we've all been studying every day, locking ourselves in our cold bedrooms. I've been feeling a little inspired recently, every day I think of a new idea for a project I want to start and good news I'll be able to let my creativity flow in coming months thanks to my newfound freedom. Good times are coming! The summer of sixteen is going to be the best one yet, I think! I have a few festivals lined up, my eighteenth very soon and a bunch of great people in my life who want to go on roadtrips. I'm all set!
These pics are from my last two rolls (and from one of Lauren's rolls (the last few) that I haven't posted yet, hope you all enjoy!