Life Update!

Hello to you all! It's been a while since I last caught up with you (yes, I know I put out another France blogpost today but I haven't been able to properly catch up with you)!
Currently in my life: I've just had three weeks of holidays and I'm heading back to school for my final term (forever). I've had the worst sickness of my life, I think it was bronchitis but you can never be too sure when you're a raging hypochondriac. I've caught up with friends, been out almost every night for three weeks and overall have just been having a lovely time in my life. These photos are from quite a while ago, I was meant to make this blogpost a good month ago but better late than never in my opinion!
As a final note, I wanted to let you all know that change is coming, I'm hoping to re-vamp the blog and youtube it's just taking me a little while to get my creative gears running again!
Sending good vibes and love to all of you, hope you're all doing okay!

Top: Bershka (France), Jeans: Thrifted, originally Wrangler

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