Fairytale land

Eze, Dolceaqua and St Paul de Vence. Having already visited 2 out of three of these mystical places I naively expected that my second adventure would be somewhat less magical. How wrong I truly was. 


Walking the narrow streets of Eze, it's easy to draw comparison to fairytales or story books. The cobblestone pathways are, although slippery, charming. Vines grow proudly on white stone structures and an exotic cacti garden blooms calmly on the top of the mountain. Looking back through my 2014 blogpost and even now, I've never managed to capture the true light and beauty of this picturesque village.


Nous Voila! Italia! My host mum exclaimed excitedly as we crossed the autoroute from France into Italy. We spent half a day here, exploring the castle and tight, dark grey cobblestone streets. Much like Eze, Dolceaqua possesses a fairytale quality- perhaps it's the extravagant castle perched over the waterway. However, this particular village seemed more realistic and less like a dream than the others, which I admittedly liked! There were artists soulfully painting watercolours of the photogenic stone bridge and a lot of dogs (this particularly appeals to yours truly).

St Paul De Vence

Another extravagantly romantic village on a mountainside. It's easy enough to draw comparisons between St Paul and Eze but I for one found the two an oxymoron: similar but different. St Paul's streets are certainly more accessible. The streets are less cobblestone, more asphalt and little boutiques, galleries and ice cream shops are poised beautifully along them. There's definitely magic present here, wishing wells bubble mellifluously and I even, while sticking my nose into someone's succulent garden, managed to find a four leaf clover staring up at me. However beautiful this place was, being stuck behind an american tourist group for the most part of my exploration had it's drawbacks!

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  1. This is just absolutely beautiful. I have got to visit this magical place!