The French Rivieria

How lovely it is to be able to sit at my desk and describe to you all from personal experience, some of the most beautiful cities I've come across on this endless planet we inhabit. 
The French Riviera. A breathtaking Mediterranean coastline of pink apartments, olive oil, pebbled beaches and down to earth atmosphere. Spending three weeks in this place felt like living in a dream. I'm feeling nostalgic and giddy as I put the sheer joy and adventure of three weeks into words and most of all, photos. 

The brightest town on the French Riviera. Nestled right on the beachfront, my brief half day I spent in this town was vibrant and beautiful. The streets are bustling with people and the beach made me feel nostalgic for the ocean back in Australia. The houses in villefranche were more vibrant than in a lot of other places, I found. The colour scheme was more bold with bright pinks and oranges lining every street. 

It's a sad day when I have to tell you all that my technological downfall of a broken hard drive led to all of my Antibes photos being deleted. Luckily my favourite photo remained on my phone! Antibes was incredibly beautiful. The crystal clear waters of the harbour and busy streets were wonderful. It honestly felt magical exploring the thin streets of this city. I feel the need to mention that I saw my future when passing an apartment,  there was a girl, smoking, listening to alt-j in her apartment with her dog. Me in 5 years, I hope!

Actually the smallest country in the world. It's streets are so well put together, filled with Ferraris and designer stores. The palace is beautiful, with pink buildings overlooking the harbour it's wonderful, but crowded with tourists.  

Monaco's smaller sibling. It's similar in location to Monaco but there isn't much else in comparison. If anything, Menton is like a smaller, more casual version of Villefranche. It's more laid back, less hectic than any of the other villages I visited. It's such a quaint and lovely place!! Oh and there's a central perk cafe there which is adorable and tucked away. 

The place I called home for three weeks (and four two weeks back in 2014). I miss this beautiful city more eloquently than words can express. From eating socca in the old town to riding a motor bike into the markets, this place holds with it a lot of my fondest memories. Staying with friends and going to school here for a few days really helped me get a true sense of what living here is like, and trust me when I say it's glorious. 

Next up on the blog: Eze, St Paul de Vence and Dolceaqua!

Sending you all love x