An April's Day

April is:
Soft but vibrant
Cold but warm
It's my favourite season of the year once more, it's seemed to start a lil' later than usual but better late than never. I can feel my heart growing warmer as the leaves turn from green to yellow to orange to red to brown. Now's the time of year to pull out your turtlenecks, to get lattes, to cuddle up in bed with your dog and a good book, to listen to the rain, to light candles, to start pressing leaves and most importantly to look pale as a ghost!
Hope you are all having a lovely time in your lives so far,

A French Affair

What it is about this country that I find so enchanting will forever remain a mystery to me. Perhaps it's the alien landscape, so mountainous and wild. Or the people: vibrant and un-apologetically human. Or perhaps it's just the magic of an unexplored place just wearing itself off on me.
Which ever way, France has stolen my heart. If you've seen my vlogs (insert shameless self-promotion here), then you will know I spent a little time in the mountains of Cote D'Azur exploring villages with 10 residents, driving through valleys and filling my heart with scenes and memories.
These photos are from a few of the villages in the mountains that I visited including Bairols, Clans, St-Martin-Vesubie amongst others.