On The Fringe

Hello to all of you beautiful souls! How are we?
Currently in my life, my final year of high school is getting a lil' busy. It's not like I'm stressed or hating school but it's a bit harder to live the way you want to when you're cooped up in a concrete building learning about statistics and equilibrium. Although it can be tough, I'm incredibly grateful to be able to be educated. I've been feeling extra creative and I've been playing around on Adobe Premiere- there's a couple of videos in the process right now so hopefully I'll be able to get in to weekly posting on youtube. My video style is really evolving, I think it's starting to represent myself and my personality more!
I was recently sent this fringed skirt from Minkpink for their Lipault x Minkpink blogger competition. Shameless self-promo but you guys should definitely vote for me here (page 14) :')
As most of you will probably know, I have a weird thing for articles of clothing that look mesmerizing when you do spins in them so how could I resist a skirt with tassels on them? I mean really...

Top//Wombats Concert
Skirt// Minkpink,
Boots//Spend-less Shoes

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