Currently curled up in bed with an almond hot chocolate and seven episodes of "That 70's Show" ready to go. 22 degrees in Perth. I can't really say that I miss the hot weather that's been invading Perth recently, but beach appropriate weather would be nice. 
This beach is near Cinda's house (you will meet her in my Collie roadtrip vlog!). There were dogs everywhere and a light breeze. Did I ever tell you how pretty I find grass on sand dunes? No? Well I think it's one of the many thousands of tiny beautiful things in the world. Especially when there's a light breeze and the tips of the grass are swaying slightly. So beautiful and peaceful. 

Wearing: Triangl bathers, Cinda's skirt (ICE I believe)


  1. Those pictures are really pretty! Bravo!

  2. Pretty pictures and pretty girls! Love your blog so much :)

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