Margaret River Photo Diary

This place is somewhere held deep in my heart. As I live in Perth, Margaret River was always the quickest, closest and easiest of holiday destinations and because of that, I've spent large portions of my childhood holidays there. Every visit has a special sense of nostalgia attached from the previous adventures. It isn't just the nostalgia that makes me love the region so much. It's the natural beauty. The forests, the rivers, the grasslands, the beaches... the beaches. It's just a wonderful place and I hope you enjoy it with me!
The nitty details of my trip will be on my two vlogs that I will be uploading to youtube. You can find them linked at the bottom of this post once I have uploaded them!

Top- Topshop
Belt- Princess Polly
Skirt- Princess Polly
Shoes- Famous footwear
Glasses- thrifted

Love, Frey x


  1. Beautiful photos and I love your outfit!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  2. The beach does look absolutely amazing! Love your outfit as well! xx

  3. so much love for this post! Margaret River holds a special place in my heart too- us perthies really are so lucky to have such a beautiful holiday destination on our doorstep!

    Zoë x
    Bramble and Lace

  4. It's great that you are able to visit Margaret river so easily. I spent two years in Australia and really miss it now that I have had to return to the UK. Margaret river is amazing as your photos show. I also like the outfit that you are wearing as it's very cute.

    Faith Thomas @ The Berry Farm

  5. I think this is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I always love beaches and kind of feel comfortable visiting anywhere. Your outfits and pictures are nice.