Spring Tulip Festival

Seasons seem to fade so quickly in my eyes. One minute I will be writing about how much I love the autumn leaves and the next, I'm going to a flower festival.
On Sunday Liv and I went to Araluen, a botanical park, which as you might have guessed, specialises in it's incredible tulip display. According to Liv, there are only ever 3 people there; however, we just happened to choose to go on Fathers Day (with no fathers) which by coincidence is the busiest day of the year. Regardless of the amount of crowd weaving and attempting to get in strangers photos, the park was beautiful. Tulips of vast arrays of colours lined the garden beds, magnolia trees popped up on occasion, waterfalls and streams reflected the pink petals of blooming trees and there was an accordion player. AN ACCORDION PLAYER! Which was both dreamy and nostalgic (for my time in France when people played accordions on trains).
I hope you enjoy the photos! (p.s. long time no post, I know; however, that is soon to change!)

Top- Topshop
Jeans- Urban outfitters
Belt- Unknown (aka my Dads')
Shoes- Spend less