Lazy Sunday

2 posts in 2 days, this is what I call productive, regardless of the amount of school work that's been done (hint I've done nothing). Today I made caramel slice and watched TV with dad, it's been quite a nice day. 
These photos are from last weekend. If you've seen the posts on my tumblr recently, you would know that I've been riding quite frequently (every Saturday). It's been good to get out of the house and riding means I'm able to go further, faster than walking. 

Turtleneck crop- Stelly Clothing
Jeans- 2nd hand (supre)
Boots- Spend-less Shoes


  1. Perth is just beautiful, isn't it? And your watch is so damn gorgeous; I am definitely visiting Eccentric Store to buy one now, without a doubt.

    Bridget xx

  2. Perth is very underrated! The watch is a current favourite of mine, did you notice I was wearing it upside down? :')

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  4. Hey Freya, i love this place where you take your beautiful pics, could i ask where it is? i've been trying to find it unsucessfully...