SINGAPORE travel photo diary 1

Hello! I'm back here again posting after my prolonged period of inactivity in terms of the realms of social media.
Today I'm sharing with you all a very belated post about my travels during April this year to Singapore. I had a wonderful time with Liv and here are some of my photos from days 1-3 of my stay.
(Most of the photos are unedited)


  1. Singapore looks like such a gorgeous city, dying to go visit but we live so far away! Just found your blog and love it btw :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  2. Your photographs are lovely Frey! (and making my wanderlusting feels go through the roof! haha) x

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  4. The images look so cute! I wish to go there.

  5. anyway rly good photo report - to have entire feeling from Singapore ;)

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