Eyes Closed

It's been a rather hectic time for me recently, with my exams looming over me and my 9 assessments next week (Such Fun!) it's been kind of hard to get into blogging/instagram.
What I've been up to in my radio silence:
I'm now up to season 3 of Vikings, if you haven't seen it WATCH NOW, I've joined bloglovin' which I can't manage to get off- and I've discovered so many new blogs that I love, I've made several attempts at re-doing my room (I always want to change it, I'm so indecisive) and I've reached 11k on instagram which is incredible!

I thought I would make a blog post showing what I wore to Groovin' the Moo, seeing as I only took one photo whilst there (a sunset, how typical of me). As some of you may have read from my post about Quirky Circus, I am quite a big fan of Minkpink. I can't really tell you how many times I've wandered into David Jones and spent next to an hour trying on every item of clothing they have in stock!

Wild the Label is also a source of delight for me. They fed my choker obsession from mid-late last year and now they have just launched heaps of new headpieces, which I'm in love with. What's more, they are from Perth- right on my doorstep!
As you might have already guessed-

I'm wearing:
Headpiece- Wild the Label
Top- Minkpink
Shorts- Topshop

Ps. I should probably tell you the reason why my eyes are shut in every photo is because the sun decided to be directly in my line of vision- I tried to open my eyes in some photos but they turned out less than desirable, believe me!

Genie loves it too!

Thanks for reading! x


  1. These pictures look so cute! I love your headpiece!

    Canan x

  2. The headpiece looks amazing! :)
    Love your colorful blog. It makes me happy

    have a nice day :)

  3. I love your photos !http://maybeyouarejealous.blogspot.fr/

  4. I loveee this post! You are amazing and your instagram feed does to :)

    -- I want to live in L. A --

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  6. You are so pretty! And your blog is stunning xx


  7. You are so pretty! And your blog is stunning xx