NGV and Rooftop Adventures

Hello everyone! This blogpost is basically the photos from when I went into the city a second time with Brooke, Ellie and this time we were joined by Sab (@sctra). We ventured to the NGV and went rooftopping and cafe hopping! Enjoy! :)

What I'm wearing:
Top- Topshop
Boyfriend Jeans- Supre
Boots- Famous Footwear
Tote- Country Road


  1. Really cool pictures :)

  2. It's so interesting to see new parts of this city I haven't uncovered myself! Also, I adore the aesthetic you have all across your social media x

  3. Loved this post

  4. That is a lot of class and sexy look with some really inspiring and motivational images to have a hangout day with your best mate. i liked your post very much