Margaret River Photo Diary

This place is somewhere held deep in my heart. As I live in Perth, Margaret River was always the quickest, closest and easiest of holiday destinations and because of that, I've spent large portions of my childhood holidays there. Every visit has a special sense of nostalgia attached from the previous adventures. It isn't just the nostalgia that makes me love the region so much. It's the natural beauty. The forests, the rivers, the grasslands, the beaches... the beaches. It's just a wonderful place and I hope you enjoy it with me!
The nitty details of my trip will be on my two vlogs that I will be uploading to youtube. You can find them linked at the bottom of this post once I have uploaded them!

Top- Topshop
Belt- Princess Polly
Skirt- Princess Polly
Shoes- Famous footwear
Glasses- thrifted

Love, Frey x

Food and Mood

It's kind of bizarre, my inexplicable appreciation for everything.  Life has been more than kind on me recently, I've been spending more time with my friends and enjoying every second of my current life.

I've been in freo a lot recently, which is amazing because it has to be my favourite part of Perth.  Liv and I went to the Fremantle Christmas Markets, which was rainy and cold (bizarrely for the first week of Summer). Not that i'm complaining, whatsoever, I love the cold and rain. The markets were beautiful; however, we arrived way too late so none of the nice foods were left over (there were heaps of vegan options such as dumplings and pizza which had unfortunately sold out). BUT there was a particular coffee van which Liv got two hot chocolates from and I got one. I then slept over and we watched American Horror Story Asylum which was my first time watching it. Now, two days later, I am up to season 4, welcome to my Summer Holidays.
The next day we went out for breakfast at Moore and Moore- we originally tried to go to The Attic but unfortunately, it was closed on Monday. Not going to lie, i'm glad it was closed because Moore and Moore was amazing, not to mention the art gallery surrounding it. I got the bircher muesli with coconut yoghurt and a soy latte, they are super vegan friendly :)

Top- Princess Polly
Watch + Bracelet- The Peachbox x Marc Bale

Angelina Ballerina

Currently: cold-ish weather in Perth,  I'm curled up in my bed with those bali-style harem pants on (you know the ones) listening to Bombay Bicycle Club and eating cookie dough. Feeling a lil' nostalgic.
Okay... but can we talk about my outfit? I honestly LOVE this skirt (anything baby pink and flowy is the way into my heart). Shabby Apple's clothes are really 40-50's inspired- which normally isn't my kind of thing but they make it work so nicely that it fits with modern-day clothes.
 I honestly feel like a ballerina when I wear this and I get the urge to leap and twirl everywhere! I guess this skirt reminds me of my ballet days. I learnt ballet from ages 3-11 and honestly I miss it quite a lot. I must admit I was never the shiniest star in the ballet room but I thought it so much fun floating around the room in pink chiffon wrap-skirts to the quick keys of the pianist. I also thought I was really jazzy when I said rond de jambe and no-one else in primary school knew what it meant.
So on with the post!

Top- NYCT clothing
Skirt- Shabby Apple

Ps- I don't know what possessed me to go shoe-less in this post, rest assured, it will never happen again (okay I'm possibly lying, you never know what might happen!). Don't zoom in on my feet if you don't want to be traumatised for the rest of your life. Also I feel like it's worth mentioning that the owners of this house came home and saw me taking photos in front of their wall.

And... an old photo of me for fun

70's Bby!

There's something about white flowy tops and a-line skirts that's got me a lil' obsessed. I don't quite know what it is that allows styles to circulate and come back over time but I am LOVING it! Finally- I get to feel like a fairy and puberty blues hybrid whilst sporting some op-shop finds (hopefully a future blogpost depending on how the op-shop gods decide to treat me!)
There's also something about brown and reddish colours. Maybe it's because I'm still mentally in Autumn- or all these damn fall mood boards and pumpkin spice recipes are getting to my head (northern hemisphere I'm talking to you!)

Skirt: ASOS
Boots: Spend-less Shoes

I was sent this lovely top from Aster and Lilou for promotion (wasn't paid $$)
Hope you guys all enjoy the rest of your week!
Love, Frey x

The 10 Best Travel Instagrams

It's something I've been dreaming of for longer than I can recall. The sweet escape, the feeling of  anticipation as your plane leaves the ground and the sense of fulfillment coming back after experiencing so much. I love the adrenaline you feel when venturing out of your comfort zone. I love the songs, that, every time you listen to them, remind you of the times you spent wandering. I love the happiness you wake up with everyday and the eager-keenness to go out and explore. I love every sunrise, every sunset and everything in-between. It may be a stretch sometimes but I even love the bad memories you hold, at least you can learn from them.

So I guess one may call me a wanderlust-er, if they did it would sure be true. I can't wait for my next big adventure, I can't wait for the memories and I most certainly can't wait for the happy sense of freedom and adventure!
And even though my time abroad may be far off into the distance, I can still dream. I guess that's where the Instagram part comes in. I've compiled a list of my 10 Favourite Travel-Based Instagram accounts, that I hope you will enjoy too! Scrolling through these feeds with Mumford and Son's "Ditmas" blaring in my ears creates a sense of adventure and only adds more fuel to my burning wanderlust fire.
Feel free to let me know your favourites, I'm always keen to hear of new accounts!


Jessica is a personal style and travel blogger. I've been following her since the earliest days of my account and her content never fails to fill my bucket-lists to the very brim.


Believe it or not, I only discovered Lauren's account last night and it was love at first sight! I spent a good twenty minutes scrolling through her dreamy feed. My favourite destination so far has been her photos from Australia, I think they bring out the natural beauty really well!


Hayley's photos possess a cool-tone but they also somehow manage a warm feeling too. They are equally natural and dream-like. I love her photos of the mountains beyond words!


Margo is a travel blogger from The Overseas Escape, which is one of my favourite travel blogs. Her photos have a very homely feel to them which is difficult to achieve when travelling. If you like her instagram, look over at her blog, it's 10x more impressive!

A photo posted by margo paige (@margo.paige) on


I have also been following Melissa for quite some time (Since her and Jessica (Tuulavintage) went to Turkey together, I believe). She has amazing quality photos that seem to capture precious moments forever.


Brooke, from World of Wanderlust, was the first exclusively travel-based blog that I stumbled upon about a year ago. Her blog sparked my seeming obsession with travel. I much prefer her blog over her instagram (Have a look at it, you wont blame me!); however, her instagram is still awe-inspiring!


Isabel has such a dreamy account! At the moment she's in the Austrian Alps and it looks like she's escaped into some ethereal wonder-world. See for yourselves:

A photo posted by Isabel (@isabelsasse) on

A photo posted by Isabel (@isabelsasse) on


Sure, this account isn't exclusively travel-based; however, I absolutely adore her feed. Her photos look like film pictures from the 80's which creates both a unique, inspiring and beautiful  feed!

A photo posted by @madelinejoyrelph on

A photo posted by @madelinejoyrelph on


Sabrina quit her job, sold everything and took on the world! Her account captures something special within India that makes me want to quit everything and go!


Emilie's feed is both beautiful and structured. Her theme is more minimalistic and dusty, in a way. The colours are warm and beautiful!

Hope you have enjoyed, let me know any ideas for future blog posts + videos and let me know what accounts are your favourites!
Love, Frey x

Spring Tulip Festival

Seasons seem to fade so quickly in my eyes. One minute I will be writing about how much I love the autumn leaves and the next, I'm going to a flower festival.
On Sunday Liv and I went to Araluen, a botanical park, which as you might have guessed, specialises in it's incredible tulip display. According to Liv, there are only ever 3 people there; however, we just happened to choose to go on Fathers Day (with no fathers) which by coincidence is the busiest day of the year. Regardless of the amount of crowd weaving and attempting to get in strangers photos, the park was beautiful. Tulips of vast arrays of colours lined the garden beds, magnolia trees popped up on occasion, waterfalls and streams reflected the pink petals of blooming trees and there was an accordion player. AN ACCORDION PLAYER! Which was both dreamy and nostalgic (for my time in France when people played accordions on trains).
I hope you enjoy the photos! (p.s. long time no post, I know; however, that is soon to change!)

Top- Topshop
Jeans- Urban outfitters
Belt- Unknown (aka my Dads')
Shoes- Spend less

Lazy Sunday

2 posts in 2 days, this is what I call productive, regardless of the amount of school work that's been done (hint I've done nothing). Today I made caramel slice and watched TV with dad, it's been quite a nice day. 
These photos are from last weekend. If you've seen the posts on my tumblr recently, you would know that I've been riding quite frequently (every Saturday). It's been good to get out of the house and riding means I'm able to go further, faster than walking. 

Turtleneck crop- Stelly Clothing
Jeans- 2nd hand (supre)
Boots- Spend-less Shoes