France adventures - Eze

During the Easter holidays of 2014, I journeyed to France. There, I stayed in Nice for two weeks, and in Paris one week.

 The photos in this post are from Nice, when we visited the small mountain town of Eze, just on the outskirts of Nice. Eze was amazing, it was like we were all in a movie, with the white stone buildings laced with vines I thought I had accidentally ventured into Narnia (complete with the lamppost; however, lacking the talking animals and eternal winter) or other lands of sorts!

Along with the amazing views, Eze was also home to two perfumeries, Gallimard and Fragonard. They were both amazing; however, Gallimard was my favourite, probably because of the fact that Leonardo Di Caprio was there, I smelt his perfume! It smelt like pine and mm just good! I smelt all of the perfume and quite a few took my fancy but I didn't buy any as they were expensive and I was afraid that I wouldn't have enough money left for Paris. My friends bought some though and the favourite of everyone seemed to be Cantabelle, a sweet flowery scent, roughly translated to beautiful voice, or sweet singer.

 Eze was filled with beautifully crafted boutiques, tea rooms, aspiring artists' hideouts and more! As we ventured further up the mountain, we found ourselves at the exotica garden. The garden was composed of beautiful, ancient cacti, everywhere you looked! When we went into the garden we were actually standing with a cloud around us! The view was incredible, with foggy mist that looked like the Black Lake from Harry Potter to our right, and the beautiful stone topped roofs to our left. 

 Although we only spent a day here, it was very possibly the most magical place on the French Tour, perhaps even the prettiest place I've ever seen. I would definitely recommend, to anyone travelling to France in the near future, going to Eze, it is truly beautiful!
Thankyou for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!


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